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Collaboration project with As Cool As My Pet, which is your dog’s VERY OWN BREED DRAWING on a dog-friendly birthday cake!

For the first time in Thailand’s dog treat industry, we include over 100 designs of canine breeds and turn into drawings on our paw-licking dog-friendly cake base recipe. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed? We got it! Italian Greyhound? We sure have! Border Collie? Definitely! Dobermann? Yes! Shetland Sheepdog? Absolutely! And many many more!

Since this is a neat uniquely customized process, we will need 7 days in advance to craft up each cake. This cake is on pre-order basis only.

This cake set includes 3-pound cake of chosen design, one set of candles, and a random giveaway of As Cool As My Pet discount coupon (may the Gods of Four Paws grant you luck on this bargain coupon)
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