Love Me Love My Dog




*Valentine's Specials*

It’s not just a puppy love, it’s the eternal love, until our hair turns grey together. Make every day and every occasion with your loyal canine buddies count. Treat them with this adorable and nutrition-packed LOVE ME LOVE MY DOG to show them that they have been and will always be the paw-fect pal for you!

One Valentine's set comes with one truffle set of three truffles, and one bouquet of three roses.

[Choco Truffle]
Our adorable trio truffles are just the right bite size for maximum enjoyment of our four-legged friends. The sea bass-based truffles come coated with goat milk jelly, mix with carob, beetroot, and strawberry for realistic truffle-like colors. Every bite is filled with exploding flavors and vitamin B2, vitamin C, potassium, and calcium, which helps improve digestive system, immune system, and may even slow down aging process.

Did you know that our poochie appreciates a bouquet of flowers too? Well, as long as they are edible and smell like fish… But you are in luck! Cos' our flowers are exactly what your dog desires. This Valentine’s season, Doglicious roses blossom like doggie’s wildest dream and smell like doggie’s nosh heaven too! Comes with mustard yellow, strawberry pink, and sleeky red, all coloring is from natural sources like strawberry and beetroot to give a vibrant color yet loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fibers.

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