*Chinese New Year Specials*

In this Chinese New Year special occasion, it is a tradition of giving to friends, family, and the Gods with these four items. We believe that gifting these items would bring luck and fortune to both the sender and receiver, that is why Doglicious hand-crafted these items with care in hopes to bring health and prosperity to our lovely Doglicious customers and their loyal furry friends.

[PAE-GOI] With elegance look of chicken’s figure, especially chicken’s comb which resembles aristocrats’ head wear in ancient Chinese period, is the representation of auspiciousness. Its characteristics of an early-bird, which represents diligence, is the admired traits by Chinese. Chicken is therefore a suitable item to be offered to the Gods. Doglicious chicken is a fish-based snack, rich in omega-3 that gives a shinny fur and decrease inflammation. 

[GAA] The four oranges represent Gods of the four seasons. Golden-shade of orange signifies prosperity, a mountain-like stacking of oranges signifies building of a gold mountain as an offering to the Gods. Doglicious Orange Mountain is stacked with vitamin A, a blessing with healthy skin, eyes, nerves, and muscles for your pooch. So no matter what season of the year, your pooch can stay sharp and strong with this snack.

[SIW-TOR] As a Chinese tradition, Peach has a meaning of longevity. On auspicious events, peaches are usually present as an offering to Gods or a mean of blessing the elders. Doglicious peaches are loaded with nutrition and proteins from egg white base. This surely a double blessing on longevity to your life-long buddy.

[GIM-TIEW] Gold represents energy, power, luck, and prosperity. Who knew Doglicious Gold snack would come with autoimmune improvement blessing from turmeric angel too! Gold power and strong health for your pooch. 

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